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11.12 Gallery (from 2005 to 2011 known as Art-Kvartal), was founded in 2005 in Moscow, Russia. In 2010 Art Kvartal became the first Russian art gallery which opened its branch in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2011 the gallery moved to a new 3-storeyed exhibition space in CCA Winzavod, that marked the shift to a new level of curatorial projects and exhibitions.

11.12 Gallery takes a part in many well-known international exhibitions as ArtBasel SCOPE, Miami SCOPE, New York SCOPE, ArtStage Singapore, ArtChina, Art Chicago.

11.12 Gallery is mainly focused on contemporary painting, but the gallery also works with sculptors. Gallery specializes in Russian contemporary artists working in different styles – from abstract art to neo-realism and expressionism.

Another art highlight was 11.12 Gallery opened in Singapore in November 2012 by Elvira and Alexander Sharov.

The gallery works with talented young artists recognized in their field for their unique styles and choice of technique when constructing their pieces. Its artists include Max Bashev and Aleksey Morozov, whom have had their works purchased by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg. The works by Rinat Voligamsi were sold to the private museum of contemporary art White rabbit in Sidney (Australia), Foundation Estelle (France), Red Base Art Foundation (Indonesia). The owner of the the contemporary art museum in Hong Kong bought Vova Marin’s works. After successful exhibition in New York the work of Sasha Biruilin was located to the museum of contemporary art in Beijing, China.

11.12 Gallery hopes to showcase each individual artist’s diverse portfolio to Asia for the first time and give Asian collectors a feel of Russian contemporary art.

11.12 Gallery also works with painters Alexey Alpatov, Studio 30, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Andrey Syaglov, Damir Muratov, Vladimir Semensky. It also features sculptors like Olga Muravina and Sergey Sobolev.


  • New York SCOPE March 2015
  • Art Stage Singapore – January 2015
  • Art Basel Scope (Switzerland) -June 2014
  • New York SCOPE – March 2014
  • Art Stage Singapore – January 2014
  • Miami Scope – December 2013
  • Art China – September 2013
  • Art Moscow – September 2013
  • Art Basel Scope (Switzerland) – June 2013
  • ArtStage, Singapore – 2013
  • Group Show, Vinzavod – 2012
  • Art Moscow – 2012
  • Art Chicago – 2011
  • Art Kiev Contemporary – 2010
  • Center of Modern Art (Winefactory) – 2010
  • Art Manezh Moscow – 2010
  • Art Fair New York – 2010
  • Art Fair New York – 2009
  • Art Manezh Moscow – 2009
  • Art Manezh Moscow – 2008
  • “New Angelarium”, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia – 2007
  • Art Manezh Moscow – 2007
  • Art Manezh Moscow – 2006
  • “Art Constitution”, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia – 2005

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