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Alexey Alpatov

“Alexey Alpatov researches atemporal sublime states in the forms of disciplined realistic painting. His works are filled with virtuoso play of light and reflections, imitations of photographic techniques, and various expressive clichés. Alexei Alpatov’s refined illusionism demonstrates our readiness to be deceived and at the same time presents the modern images as something stipulated by the historical and visual context.”

– Alexander Evangeli

Alexey Alpatov was born in 1968 in Moscow. Studied painting independently. Since 1992 has participated in more than twenty exhibitions in Russia and abroad: New-York, Lisbon, Zurich. Personal exhibitions in Moscow and Budapest. His artworks can be found in the private collections in Russia and abroad. Lives and works in Moscow.

His works have a disciplined and precise painting style with completely developed color technique, and expects a cultural reception adequate to its level of creative tools. He synchronizes color with all overtones of meaning.

Alpatov is interested in experimentation with light and reflection, which registers as something belonging to photography principles, yet originally coming from a painting tradition. Alpatov’s painting style often imitates photographic visuals, more precisely it is the kind of visuals of modern photography incorporating old photography techniques; this becomes especially apparent in his works created in mixed media. His palette’s inclination to the gray color is not a canon, rather an imitation of various expressive cliches. Some of his series on display seem like gum bichromate photography that imitates painting; the blue gray in some of his landscapes can be classified as cyanotype, and golden gray for platinum type. In his virtuosic work with the medium, and with the canvas transparent through the painting, he sets the medial basis of the modern figurative expressive art.

His works, into which he embeds collage, are impressive in their ability to closely place completely different textures and create integrity in the end. In early avant-garde art, this technique deconstructed illusionism of an artwork and signaled a different use of a reality; inclusion of real objects into an artwork turned it into a readymade. Alpatov does not set such a goal before him. Rather he aims at achieving the traditional goal of creating an image. In these techniques he solves such traditional painting problems as, for example, the creation of aerial perspective. His illusionism is not here to trick us, it rather impresses us with how much we are willing to be tricked.

Aleksei Alpatov’s paintings, due to their temperament, remember their mimetic ancestry. Returning to the parental picture of the world, obviously impossible, reminds us of a nostalgic journey, similar to Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. This is a cultural gesture, which recognizes the modern context and its refined state in a relationship to it.

Рersonal exhibitions:

  • 2013 “Navy seascape”. 11.12 Gallery, Singapore
  • 2012 “Storm”. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2010 “Landscape”. Art-Kvartal, Scottsdale, USA
  • 2003 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
  • 1999 “Art Union”. Moscow, Russia 1997 Russian cultural center, Budapest, Hungary

Group exhibitions:

2013 ArtStage. Singapore

2012 Art Moscow. Moscow, Russia

2011 Art Chicago. Chicago, USA

2011 ART EXPO 2011. New York, USA


  • Moscow Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia
  • Hudgraf-2009. Moscow, Russia
  • ART EXPO 2009. New York, USA


  • “Tradition and Modernity”. Moscow, Russia
  • Hudgraf-2008. Moscow, Russia
  • Artesania-2008. Moscow, Russia Moscow
  • Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia


  • Artesania-2007. Moscow, Russia
  • Hudgraf-2007. Moscow, Russia Moscow
  • Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia

2006 Moscow Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia

2003 Moscow Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia

2002 Moscow Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia

2001-2005 Center-M, Moscow, Russia


  • Moscow Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia
  • Medici-House, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Moscow Art Fair ART ARENA. Moscow, Russia


  • Art Salon. Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia
  • “The colors”. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
  • “Tomorrow begins the last”, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow, Russia

1999 Exhibition at the Museum of Water, Lisbon

1992 “Face, face mask and”. Film Museum, Moscow, Russia

1990 Jubilee Exhibition. Small Georgian, Moscow, Russia



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  • Date February 27, 2015
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