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Maxim Bashev

Born in 1961 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Art School N.1. Since 1986 has participated in exhibitions, notably in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA. His works are in the private collections in Russia, USA, Germany. Lives and works in Moscow. Max Bashev is an extraordinary person and a true artist by his mission and profession. He possesses a delicate feeling, a deep philosophical look and a sense of humour that gives him an ability to create recognizable works in his characteristic author’s manner of performance. Max’s works are unique for Russian art-market, there is no influence of Russian traditional art school, his works absorbed the best and the most interesting features from the great masters of the past like Velasquez, Leonardo, Picasso, Vermeer, El Greco. He is inspired by Basquiat, Keith Haring and all the protest culture that they embody. In this culture the esthetic terror to society that wants to sleep and to see dreams, wants the quiet prosiness, but not the disturbing images, reminding of real problems is reflected. Bashev in his works transmits similar energy. His painting is close to New York of 80s, to the interventions of underground in not conventional art space. For the last 7 years Max has been taken active parts in different international and Russian art fairs. In 2007 two of his works were sold at Sotheby’s in the Chicago representation of the auction house. Funds from sale were allocated to the Mexican children. In 2012 in Sotheby’s auction in Moscow Bashev’s another work were sold. In 2010 at Chicago Art Fair during the first day some more pictures were acquired by representatives of Chicago establishment. There Maxim receives an invitation for joint collaboration from a famous architect and sculptor John David Mooney, who is a live legend of architecture in America. In the same 2010 at international Kiev Art Fair Maxim shows his project Premonition that was a base for his personal exhibition, opened in November 2011 in 11.12 Gallery in Moscow (Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod). In 2012 Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art bought two Maxim’s works, which were selected personally by Executive Director Vasili Tsereteli for museum collection. In September 2012 with other artist of 11.12 Gallery Maxim participated in international fair Art Moscow. In January 2013 was exhibited at Gallery 11.12 (Singapore) booth at international fair Art Stage Singapore, where he received great reviews and an invitation to have a personal exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.



  • 2014 Art Stage Singapore, 11.12 Gallery
  • 2013 Special Thanks to…11.12 Gallery, Singapore Art Stage Singapore, Singapore
  • 2012 Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia
  • 2011 FUCK YOUR LAWS. 11.12 Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2010 Art Chicago, 11.12 Gallery, Chicago, USA
  • 2009 ArtManesh, 11.12 Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2004 Sotheby’s Chicago. Certificated and valued by Sotheby’s expert. Chicago, USA Art at War. Aldo Castillo gallery, Chicago, USA
  • 2003 Auction at Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, USA Chicago (Auction) under the patronage Garry F. Metzner, Vice President of Fine Arts, Chicago, USA
  • 2002 Sam Brooke Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2000 Naturvita. S-Art gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 1993 ART-MIF-Manezh. Moscow, Russia
  • 1992 Zolotaya kyst. Krymsky val, Moscow, Russia 1991 ART MIF-Manezh Moscow, Russia
  • 1990 Personal exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany International exhibition in Manezh, Moscow, Russia
  • 1989 Auction in Basel 1988 Two exhibitions at the House of Youth (Frunzenskaya embankment), Moscow, Russia
  • 1987 Personal exhibition at the Treasury Chamber, Moscow, Russia
  • 1986 Maxim Bashev takes part in exhibition activities since. Moscow, Russia


The works are represented in different private collection and museums including:

  • Gallery Volheiben, Calw
  • Red Line Gallery, Germany
  • Augsburg, Germany Cologne, Germany
  • Regensburg, Germany
  • Nurnberg, Germany
  • Munich, Germany
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Gehengen, Germany
  • Wertingen, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • New York, the USA
  • Chicago, United States
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Moscow, Russia.
  • Los Angeles, the USA
  • Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia


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  • Date March 2, 2015
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